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Warehousing service, as a very important point in moden logistics, has been thought as one of valuable service. We have over 1,000 square meters warehouse in shenzhen, guangzhou, hongkong, ningbo, shanghai and yiwu. Through our matched management deparment and colleagues, we are providing warehousing service including transit, commodity inspection, photos, calculation,re-pack, stuffing and discharging service.

☆Shenzhen: We owned ocean freight depot, air freight warehouse, bonded warehouse and also start our own consolidation service in bonded warehouse. 
☆Guangzhou: We owned air freight warehouse, ocean freight warehouse in huangpu and nansha ports, is operating for purpose of foodstuff importing like red      wine and rice etc. 
☆Hongkong: Air freight warehouse is our main area to operattion in hongkong. the most of cargo is air shipment. 
☆Yiwu: Yiwu is s special area, Our warehouse's function here is serving our customers by commodity inspection, mark pasting, stuffing and discharge etc.
☆Ningbo and Shanghai: Traditional warehousing service.


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