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As the most modern and dynamic of the conventional forms of transport, airfreight has opened up a multiplicity of new possibilities. Nowadays, we provide air freight service to our customers with direct booking with air lines or our best-chosen agents in Hongkong.

☆Air freight
☆Full or part charters
☆Air consolidations
☆Door-to-door services 

Our core advantage for air freight: 

At the ports of loading like CAN, HKG, PVG, PEK, we are the VIP contract holders via KE, CA, CZ and EK etc and have regular routing from CAN to CMN, LOS, AMS,FRA etc. From air port HKG, we are working with EK, KE, CI, NH, etc. In additon, we also arrange transportation for  lithium battery from hongkong for our customers. 

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